The 2017 RidgeBridge Farm Heirloom & Artisan TomatoVariety List
along with a few carefully selected hybrids
Cherry Tomatoes:
A Grappoli D'Inverno
Black Cherry
Brad's Atomic Grape*
Chocolate Sprinkles
Dr. Carolyn
Fox Cherry
Indigo Cherry Drops
Indigo Gold Berries
Maglia Rosa
Pearly Pink
Pink Bumblebee
Purple Bumblebee
Porter's Dark Cherry
Purple Pear
Red Pear
Sunrise Bumblebee
Sweet Beverley
White Cherry
Yellow Pear

Salad Tomatoes:
Amy's Sugar Gem
Amish Gold
Amish Red
Black & Brown Boar*
Black Moor
Blue Gold*
Bloody Butcher
Britain's Breakfast
Cosmic Eclipse*
Green Zebra
Glory of Moldova
Haley's Purple Comet
Indigo Apple*
Juane Flamme
Lollipop Swir
Pink Boar*
Perfect Flame**
Yellow Perfection
Wagner's Blue Green*

Medium/Large Sized:
Abraham Lincoln Original
Arkansas Traveler
Black Krim
Black from Tula
Blue Beauty*
Box Car Willie
Cosmonaut Volkov
Dagma's Perfection
Golden Monarch
Indian Stripe
Japanese Black Trifele
Lucky Cross
Martha Logan
Mule Team
Orange Fleshed Purple Smudge
Paul Robeson
Pink Grapefruit
Pink Berkeley Tie Dye*
Powers Heirloom
Pork Chop*
Rose de Berne
Solar Flare*
Vintage Wine
Woodle Orange

Large Beefsteak:
Akers West Virginia
Amish Orange Sherbet
Anasas Noire
Aunt Ginny's Purple
Beauty King*
Brandywine Black
Brandywine  (Sudduth)
Brandywine Yellow (Platfoot)
Caspian Pink
Chocolate Stripes
Cherokee Chocolate
Cherokee Purple
German Johnson
Gold Medal
Kellogg's Breakfast
Lillian's Yellow Heirloom
Marianna's Peace
Mortgage Lifter Red
Pink Honey
Ponderosa Red
Prudens Purple
Pineapple Pig*
Tidwell German

Firebird Sweet
Lucky Swirl
Rosella Crimson
Rosella Purple

**Select Hybrids:
Big Beef
Big Brandy (Heirloom Marriage)
Cherokee Carbon (Heirloom Marriage)
Chocolate Sprinkles
Genuwine (Heirloom Marriage)
New Girl
Perfect Flame (Heirloom Marriage)
Pink Beauty

Paste Tomatoes:
Amish Paste
Illini Gold
Jersey Devil
San Marzano
Speckled Roman
Yellow Fire

*Wild Boar Varieties:
Beauty King
Berkely Tie Dye
Black and Brown Boar
Blue Beauty
Blue Gold
Brad's Atomic Grape
Dark Galaxy
Indigo Apple
Indigo Gold Berries
Pink Berkeley Tie Dye
Pineapple Pig
Pink Boar
Pork Chop
Solar Flare
Wagner's Blue Green

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