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RidgeBridge Farm 
It's our 25th year of bringing extraordinary tomato varieties to Northeast Ohio! Things have changed over the years, but our mission remains to preserve heritage tomato varieties and offer rare and unusual seedlings to our fellow gardeners. We no longer do farmers markets and do not offer our tomatoes for sale. However, we continue to hold our Annual Heirloom Plant Sale each May so that home gardeners can enjoy the bounty of heirloom gardening.

Our original sign (left) adorned our farmer's market tables 20 plus years ago. We still hold this pledge of offering only organically grown seedlings to our customers.

The hallmark of our plant sale is our extensive selection of rare and historic tomato varieties. Annually, we offer over 80 varieties of heirloom tomato plants, selling directly from the farm. Each season we add new varieties, including specialty artisan and dwarf types, while honoring our amazing offering of true historic heirlooms. We grow and hand collect much of our seed stock.  We also use trusted seed sources that align with our principals of sustainability.