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Pre-orders will be taken until April 10, 2021. Please order early as we will sell out. There may be some availability
 after April 10th, so feel free to check if you miss the deadline.

Seedlings sold individually will be in limited quantity and sold in 4" biodegradable fiber pots. 
We use only organic seed, potting mix and fertilizer to start our plants. Minimum order is 6 plants. 
Price - $4.95/plant. Our list is not nearly as expansive as in past years due to logistics with pre-ordering. 
We have, however, selected our best selling and most requested varieties.

New: we are offering several COLLECTIONS (6 plants per collection) of tomatoes.
These assortments contain our tried and true best sellers! Click here for details.
  Price - $26/collection (6 plants)

Order by sending an email and include quantity, variety, or collection name. Include your name and contact information for billing prior to pick up. We will accept payments by PayPal, check or cash, and require payment prior to pick-up dates to reserve your plants. Please also include desired pick up date for your plants.

Please use the following email for orders:

Click here for our 2021 varieties and Seedling Collections


For this coming season, we are changing our plant sale to adapt to the ongoing COVID-19 situation. We will be offering both individual seedlings and seedling collections by pre-order only. Plants will be available for contactless pick up between May 10-18. Dates outside of this range can be pre-arranged. If you are interested in growing from seed, many of our fabulous heirloom varieties are available for purchase at our Etsy Shop