Over 200 Varieties of Heirloom Vegetable Starts for your Garden!
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It's been a cold spring, but we are right on schedule with our AMAZING selection of 2018 varieties for your garden!

Our healthy plants are all hand seeded using organic and non-GMO seed. We offer unique and wonderful varieties of heirloom (and a few carefully selected hybrid) vegetables that are sure to make your garden a showpiece of taste and color! Our list includes over 130 heirloom tomato varieties as well as unique varieties of peppers, eggplant, cucumbers, squash, broccoli, greens, herbs, cutting flowers & more.

This year we will open for plant sales from May 1st until we are sold out.

We will also be attending the Lakewood LEAF Annual Heirloom Plant Sale (May). Shop early for the best selection of plants, as we often sell out by the 3rd week of May. 

This year we are expanding our selection of amazing Wild Boar Farms tomato seedlings as well as new varieties of container tomatoes from the Dwarf Tomato Project.

Please note if you are coming from a distance, PLEASE CALL TO BE SURE WE ARE OPEN. We try to keep regular hours, but there are days when farm work takes precedence and we cannot man the stand.

​We hope to see you this spring at RidgeBridge Farm!

Questions? Please email us at, or call 440-823-5372. Please note that we are "all hands on deck" this time of year, so we may not be immediately available but will get back as soon as we can.

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