Seedling Collection Descriptions
Cherries Tomato Garden (6 plants)
Six varieties of cherry tomatoes in every color of the rainbow:

Black Cherry - 70 Days. Dusky purple cherry tomatoes with delicious complex and sweet flavor. A favorite of farmer’s market customers and home gardeners alike. Indeterminate.

Chocolate Pear - 70 days. Huge crops of mahogany colored pear shaped fruits with a bold, rich tomato flavor. Rare and delicious; wonderful variety for the garden! Indeterminate.

Maglia Rosa -70 days. Lovely variety producing gorgeous elongated pink cherry tomatoes mottled with yellow streaks. Full rich flavor with good balance of sweetness and acidity. Outstanding variety for your garden. Indeterminate.

Riesentraube - 76 Days. An old German heirloom, prolific producer of bright red almost grape style fruit that grows in large clusters. Rich, old fashion tomato flavor. A wonderful and reliable cherry tomato for your garden. Indeterminate.

Sunrise Bumblebee - 70 days. Gorgeous colors of yellow, pink and red with marbled interior. Sweet and delightful open pollinated variety with delicious flavor. Prolific and crack resistant. Indeterminate.

Sweet Beverly - 72 days. A selection from Wild Boar Farms. Delightful plum shaped bright yellow cherry tomato with exceptional fine, sweet flavor. Very prolific, crack resistant and long lasting season tomato. This cherry tomato is a must have! Indeterminate.


Heirloom Saladette Tomato Garden (6 plants)
Small, golf ball sized salad tomatoes with outstanding flavor and a burst of colors:

Ceylon Tomato - 70 Days. Unique fire engine red 2" ruffled fruits resembling miniature beefsteaks. Rich in flavor; sweet and tangy. Prolific variety with excellent flavor. A longtime favorite at RidgeBridge Farm! Indeterminate.

Juane Flamme - 70 Days. Gorgeous brilliant orange French heirloom. 3 oz. fruits are a perfect blend of sweet and tart. Extraordinary, very prolific and a extremely tasty variety! A small tomato with BIG flavor with much versatility! Indeterminate.

Little Sunburst - 80 days. We aren't really sure of the origin of this little gem that appeared in our fields years ago. We were captivated by its beauty! Stunning yellow 2-3 oz. fruits that develop bright splashes of red when ripe. Flavor is mild and sweet. Indeterminate.

Pink Vernissage - 75 days. Big crops of 2-3 oz. bright pink salad tomatoes with green to orange striping. Very flavorful and striking in appearance. A Ukrainian variety that will delight the gardener!

Purple Pear - 76 Days. A small, wonderful tasty tomato about 2-3oz in size. Deep purple in color and depending on the seasons weather conditions may have greenish shoulders. This tomato has a rich and complex flavor that is great for snacking and salads, all the while being a prolific variety. Indeterminate.

Wagner Blue Green-78 days. This little 2" salad tomato from renowned tomato breeder Tom Wagner packs a punch of flavor! Fruits ripen to yellowish green and splashed with purple. The flesh is beautiful bright green with fantastic flavor. Very productive and resistant to cracking. Indeterminate.


Farm Favorites Heirloom Tomato Garden (6 plants)
Our most requested varieties of medium sized heirloom tomatoes:

Paul Robeson -80 Days. Medium sized 8-12 oz deep brick colored fruits. Legendary sweet, smoky flavors with well balanced, succulent, earthy-rich flavor. A fine addition to the tomato connoisseurs' garden!

Pantano Romanesco - 75 days. Delicious Italian heirloom variety. Fruits are scalloped, slightly flattened and bright red. Meaty flesh is bursting with wonderful, rich tomato flavor. Productive variety with 8-10 oz fruits.

Persimmon - 79 Days. Lovely clear orange fruits vary in size but average 4-8 oz. Mild, sweet with balanced flavors. Very good yields, with occasional green on the shoulders. A RidgeBridge Farm favorite for decades.​ Indeterminate.

Powers Heirloom - 79 Days. Unique and lovely 3-5 oz. clear yellow oblong fruits. Remarkably sweet flavor; fruits may show hints of pink blush. Rich meaty texture. Originated in Virginia over a century ago. A favorite staple tomato in our garden for many, many years!

Rose de Berne-75 Days. Rosy pink 6-12 oz. tomatoes are delicious with perfectly balanced flavor. This historic Swiss variety is dependable, productive and early. Indeterminate.

Thorburn's Terra Cotta - 75 Days. First introduced in 1893, this historic variety is a winner! Fruits are medium sized with copper brown skin and green/pink streaked flesh. Very rich, complex, slightly salty flavor. Good producer and early to ripen. This variety is one of our absolute favorites ever! Indeterminate.


Heirloom Colorful Roma Tomato Garden (6 plants):
Amazing varieties of colorful roma tomatoes for sauce and cooking:

Amish Paste - 84 Days. Bright red blocky fruits weighing 8-12 oz. Excellent paste variety, very meaty and productive with fantastic flavor. Perfect for canning, sauce, paste and productive. 

San Marzano - 80 Days. Popular Italian variety; the finest sauce tomato. Brilliant red crack resistant fruits are perfect for paste, puree or canning. Solid, meaty flesh with few seeds.

Speckled Roman - 85 Days. Stunning red fruits with orange streaks. Wonderful true tomato taste. Excellent variety for canning and sauce. Brilliant color and flavor! A stabilized cross of Antique Roman and Banana Legs, this striking paste variety is a winner! Indeterminate.

Ukrainian Purple - 80 Days. Oblong purple-red plum tomatoes. Crack resistant, meaty and flavorful. This Ukrainian variety is prolific and delicious for salsa and sauces.

Wrens Roma - 84 Days. Family heirloom passed down to RidgeBridge Farm many years back. This outstanding brilliant orange paste tomato is prolific and meaty with divine flavor. Makes a beautiful orange sauce, however it’s a very versatile tomato.

Yellow Fire - 80 days. Spectacular dual purpose variety with flamboyant orange, yellows and reds. Makes beautiful sauces and also great for fresh eating. A wonderful, meaty and tasty Artisan open pollinated Roma type. Indeterminate.


Heirloom Beefsteak Tomato Garden #1 (6 plants):
Luscious colorful beefsteaks with rich old fashioned flavor:

Caspian Pink - 80 Days. A popular heirloom favorite from Russia. Incredibly juicy, sweet variety. This beefsteak averages 1 lb. fruits. Meaty texture with rich, wonderful flavor. Early yielding. A very requested seedling variety at our farm. Indeterminate.

Cherokee Purple - 84 Days. A favorite and beloved heirloom variety. Dusky purple/pink fruits weigh 8-14 oz. Flavor is very rich, earthy and sweet. Meaty texture, reliable producer. A wonderful addition to your garden! Indeterminate.

Chocolate Stripes - 79 days. Medium to large mahogany fruits with green stripes. Delicious, complex, rich, sweet and earthy flavor. Nice meaty texture. An absolutely stunning variety in both taste and looks. A favorite at RidgeBridge Farm for years! Indeterminate.

Kellogg's Breakfast - 80 Days. A classic beefsteak weighing in at over a pound. Thin skinned with meaty flesh and fantastic flavor. Sweet, tangy, juicy and a delicious slicer. A farm favorite at RidgeBridge for decades, and one of our most requested seedlings at our annual Seedling Sale. Indeterminate.

Pineapple - 84 Days. Lovely large beefsteak yellow fruit with red marbling through the flesh. One of the most beautiful tomatoes! Very fine sweet, fruity flavor. An stunning and delicious variety for slicing. Indeterminate.

Red Brandywine - 84 Days. This variety has large potato leaf vines producing beautiful bright red 10-16 oz. fruits. Very fine, old fashioned tomato flavor. A wonderful productive slicing variety originating in Chester County, PA in the 1880s. Indeterminate.


Heirloom Beefsteak Tomato Garden #2 (6 plants)
Classic Pink and Red Beefsteaks with amazing flavor:

Akers West Virginia - 85 days. Family heirloom originally from W. Virginia. Deep red 10-16 oz. meaty fruits with delicious old fashioned flavor. Later in the garden but worth the wait! Indeterminate.

Italian Heirloom - 78 days. Classic heirloom variety from Italy. Exceptional variety produces abundant fruits 12-16 oz. Brilliant red, meaty slightly oblong tomatoes are bursting with rich and true tomato flavor Indeterminate.

German Pink - 84 days. One of the original Bavarian varieties that started the Seed Savers exchange and helped launch the heirloom tomato movement. Fruits up to 2lbs. Meaty beefsteaks with sweet and exceptional flavor. Indeterminate.

Brandywine (Sudduth) 84 days. A legendary heirloom with luscious flavor. Very rich in taste with true old fashioned tomato flavor. Excellent slicer with great texture and deep pink color. This tomato deserves a space in every garden. Potato leaf indeterminate.  

Rose - 78 days. Deep pink fruits are smooth with luscious flavor rivaling Brandywine. Meaty texture - fruits average 12-14 oz. Good yielding fabulous variety. Indeterminate.

Mortgage Lifter -84 days. A legendary variety for flavor and productivity. Large deep pink/red fruits are fantastic for slicing. Meaty and delicious old time true flavor. Rich in flavor and history! Indeterminate.


Psychedelic Tomato Garden (6 plants):
Flashy and showy varieties from Wild Boar Farms:

Black & Brown Boar - 78 days. Fabulous salad variety discovered in a Green Zebra patch. Similar to Black Zebra but slightly larger and more prolific. Wonderful flavor with dark earth tones. A selection from Wild Boar Farms. Indeterminate.

Berkeley Tie Dye -75 to 80 days. Incredible color and flavor! This unique variety came to us from Wild Boar Farms. Exotic green with yellow and red striping. Delicious flesh is marbled in red and yellow. Very sweet with tart tones. Lovely balanced flavor. An exquisite addition to your garden. Indeterminate.

Blue Beauty - 82 Days. This Wild Boar selection is a cross between ‘Beauty King’ and a blue tomato. Fruit can vary in size, usually weighing between 6-8 ounces. A very striking variety with deep blue shoulders, streaked over a very deep pink exterior, with a tasty dark pink interior. A wonderful true tomato taste, very good production. Indeterminate.

Brad's Atomic Grape - 80 days. A signature Wild Boar selection. Salad sized tomatoes show variable shapes/sizes of striped multi-colored fruits which start lavender and mature to olive/red/gold. Extraordinary colors with sweet flavor. Very unique variety. Indeterminate.

Lucid Gem - 80 Days. An incredible tomato with wonderful sweet flavor and incredible color. Medium sized meaty fruits ripen to yellow with purple splashes. Interior is marbled in red and yellow. This variety is a good producer and holds well on the vine. A winner! A selection from Wild Boar Farms.

All photos copyrighted by RidgeBridge Farm.